Doctoral Students

For doctoral students, I am available to help you with the job application process for a tenure track job in education. This service is only available for two doctoral students per academic year so you will get my full attention. During our time together I can help you:

  • craft your cover letter (one 60 minute meeting to discuss the letter and two rounds of detailed feedback with a 30 minute meeting following each round)
  • review and provide feedback on your vita (once)
  • discuss how to prepare for your job talk (one 60 minute session)
  • critique your job talk (one round of detailed feedback and one 60 minute meeting to discuss feedback)
  • provide you with two opportunities to practice your job talk (45 minutes for session followed by 30 minutes of detailed feedback)
  • prep you for two interviews (two 60 minute sessions)
  • review and discuss your experience for two interviews identifying strengths and areas for improvement (two 60 minute sessions)
  • review offer letters and provide negotiation strategies (as needed)

To get the full benefit, I recommend signing up for this service in August/September. This service is good for the entire academic year (ending in May). Extra services can be added for an additional fee, and services from the above list can be deducted. Contact me to create a package that works for you.