Video Update for April

Near the end of each month, I’m going to be posting about new videos that have been added to my YouTube channel. I’ve been working to build up the channel and make it more consistent and relevant. The idea is that it adds another layer to this blog and gives you information you won’t find on here – or I’ve got it boiled down for you to the key ideas.

There are currently three strands. The first strand focuses on videos related to teaching in higher education. We’ll start there.

From the Syllabus

The Class Blog: Looks at how I set up and ran a blog in one of my undergraduate courses:

Tweeting in Class: How I have my students utilize twitter during face to face sessions:

Tweeting After Class: How I have my students utilize twitter between each meeting:

Extended Twitter Chat: How I had students engage in a week long twitter chat between meeting sessions. My first attempt and how it went:

Extended Twitter Chat (Revised): Examines the changes I made in response to the first twitter chat

The Healthy Professor

The Healthy Professor is my new second strand. Awhile back, I ran a pretty successful yoga blog. On that blog, one of my favorite things to do was find recipes and try them out. I miss that. Plus, it’s important to live and eat in a healthy manner (I think). So I’m bringing that mindset to this blog with this new video series.

Roasted Tomatoes, Eggs, & Quinoa: My pilot. 🙂 See original recipe here.

Find all the Healthy Professor videos on Pinterest too!

Writing Tips for Academics

This is my third series. I wanted to do a video series that was geared towards grad students and (perhaps) assistant professors. The point of this series is to give a variety of suggestions for how to address issues in writing ranging from actually writing to motivation and organization.

Here’s the introduction to the series: