An About page is the place where I tell you a bit about who I am or want to be. It’s a place where I have the chance to craft how I wish to present my identity as a human being to you. Identities, however, are complex things. And since I believe all our identities are constantly evolving, and I think labels are limiting, it’s an impossible task. But for now, in this space, I offer you this partial look at my identity and what I believe:

  • I am an educator, a practitioner of yoga, and a (mostly) vegan.
  • I believe that the work we do is central to who we are, but I believe our lives should not be entirely about our work.
  • I believe we should be mindful in all of life’s events (big and small), and that learning how to be and stay in the moment will make our lives more joyful and meaningful.

Confessions of a Bored Academic is the space I use to explore issues that are important to me in my job as a university professor. However, everything I do both in and outside my work shapes how I view and engage with my work. So while you really won’t hear me saying much about yoga or what I eat, you should know that those things definitely influence my outlook.

More Formal Information

Sometimes, you just want more formalized credentials, and I get that. Here they are:

  • I have a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, with an emphasis on literacy, from Michigan State University (2005).  I also hold an M.Ed. (Vanderbilt) and B.S. in elementary education (University of South Florida). I taught sixth-grade language arts and social studies for three years in Houston, Texas with the Alief Independent School District. I have been at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill since July 2005 and am an Associate Professor Literacy Studies.
  • To date, my work has focused on understanding why adolescents have reading difficulties and what teachers can do to help them. However, I am currently shifting to consider how we can construct online professional development that assists teachers with using educational technology to address students academic reading and writing needs.

Want to chat? Email me at leighahall39@gmail.com

Find me on twitter at @LeighAHall


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