Make Time NOT to Write

Yeah…you heard me. I’m hear telling you to find time NOT to write.

Does that sound strange? Well not writing is just as important as writing. The trick is that you have to not write in mindful ways. The idea of not writing is (unfortunately) not accomplished by simply putting your writing off for another day.

You have to schedule it in just like you do you regular writing time.

Giving yourself permission to not write is about taking mindful breaks, and mindful breaks are critical to your success as a writer. There are a number of ways you can think about taking breaks, and I outline them in the video above. Overall, I encourage you to plan for breaks in your writing. Doing so will help prevent burnout and allow you to view your work with a set of fresh eyes each time you approach it.

How are you working on taking mindful breaks in your writing practice?

See the full playlist of academic writing tips.


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