2016 Year In Review

Every December I like to revisit what I have been yammering on about for the last 11 months or so. While I do have a Best Of list, I also think it’s nice to identify one post from each month that I think is worth reading (or rereading). Here are the posts from 2016 that I think are worth another look at.

Enjoy, and I will be back with new material on January 9th.

January: Teaching Evaluations: Of What Value?

February: Live Field Notes

March: Should My Class Look More Like a Starbucks?

April: A Different View on Teacher Education

May: Your Data is a Pile of Crap

June: Let’s Get Rid of Classes

July: How Do We Help Bring in the Digital?

August: Virtual Presence

September: The Struggle with Blogging

October: Rethinking Credit Hours

November: The Difference in Online Teaching

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