New Assignment: Social Networking

In one of my fall masters level classes, I have a new assignment (aka quest) that I’m calling Social Networking. This is my attempt to get the teachers in the course to think about how they might use social networking tools. It is also an optional quest. This fall, I have three required quests and then (currently) four optional ones. I’ll discuss the structure of the course in my next post. Today I wanted to share this particular quest.

The Directions 

The Social Networking quest gives you the opportunity to apply one or more social networking tools to your instruction. Any social networking app is valid here. Possible ones to consider are:

  • Pinterest (note: you must move beyond having a board and pinning ideas for lessons)
  • Facebook/EdModo
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Vine

If you wish to use an app that is not on this list, please ask me about it first.

What To Do

  1. Identify one social networking app that is of interest to you. This will be the app you use for this quest.
  2. Once you identify the app, write up your general plan for how you are thinking about using it in your instruction.
  3. Your plan should be posted as a blog post. This allows everyone to benefit from your ideas and provide input that might help you. This should be posted no later than the week of 9/19.
  4. Enact your plan. Modify it as needed. Your plan is a way to get started. You are not locked into it.
  5. Share what you are doing and how it is going on the following in class dates: 10/10 and 11/28
  6. One final blog post must be about your project. This post should go live the week of 12/5. You are free to blog about your project as much as you want in between.

How Might You Use These Tools in Your Instruction?

Some possibilities:
10 Ways to Use Pinterest in the Classroom
How Educators are Using Pinterest to Showcase Curation
A Teacher Tries Snapchat to Engage Students
Snapchat and Vines in the Classroom
10 Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom
Using Instagram as a Classroom Tool
50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom
25 Top Ways Teachers Use Twitter in the Classroom
The Top 5 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Classroom
Teaching Digital Kids (Facebook)

Action XP
Identify App 1000
Write Up Plan & Post 6000
1st Share Session 10,000
2nd Share Session 22,000
Final Blog Post 40,000
Total Possible 79,000

Note: When writing a blog post for this quest, you get XP based on the blogging XP scale. For example, if this was your second post you would receive 2000 XP. You could also receive 500 bonus points for including pictures/video/links/etc….If this was your second post during a week, you would receive the appropriate bonus points. Blog posts for this quest must follow the requirements for blogging and have 500-1500 words in a post. These posts still need to be scheduled, and you must note that you have scheduled them on the sign-up sheet.

My General Reflections

First, teachers are going to be required to blog, and there will be XP related to blogging. So that’s why they can get some extra XP when they have to write a post for this particular quest. Second, I think there are a few different ways teachers can think about this assignment. They can think about how they personally use a tool in some manner related to their teaching. They can also think about if it makes sense to have their students use a tool and then document what that looks like. Or a combination of both. I tried to write the directions so they would give just enough guidance for teachers to get launched without being overly restrictive. I want freedom for creativity here.

I have no idea if someone will take up this quest. It really is optional, and the needed XP can be obtained by engaging in other optional quests or by digging in deep to the required ones where I have opportunities for bonus XP for people who go above and beyond the basics. I’m hoping someone takes it up though so I can see what it looks like in action.

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